Green Tree Servicing LLC

I had a mortgage with these people 15 years ago. If I was 1 day late on my payment, a person would call me 2 to 3 times a day, at work...etc. And when I would call to tell payment would be there in a few days, they would literally YELL at me on the phone. Some examples...Once my wife called to talk to them and tell them we would be sending payment in 3 days (I guess they don't have grace periods) and this guy yelled at her he was going to go ahead and start foreclosure on us. So I call and he says "Don't ever let your wife call again for your account, all she does is spit out lies" and "they would make sure we would be living in a tent". My wife had to literally stop me from getting in my car, driving to this guy's cubicle, dragging him outside and beating the crap out of him. That is how BAD they are. We got fed up to the point where we had a previous bankruptcy and I had it amended with the house on it and we moved to a different place. It was THAT BAD! The only bright spot was telling this weasel we did it, which he replied "You can't do that!!" and put me on hold to check if I really had a bankruptcy. He gets on the phone 10 minutes later and nicely says "Maybe we could work something out on your payment" Yeah right. I don't care if I WAS living in a tent, I'd stay there before buying a home with this company. How they treat people and not loose their business is beyond me.

Offender: Green Tree Servicing LLC
Country: USA   State: All USA

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