New A/C unit complimentary price quote

I made an appointment to get a complimentary price quote for a new A/C united at my condo. The earliest appointment I got was more than 2 weeks away. Ok fine, I'll take it. I never received an appointment confirmation so I had to call the Pembroke Pines store myself a few hours before, then they told me to contact the Lowe's rep directly because the store didn't know anything about his appointments. I called his cell twice, left a message which he finally called me back about an hour and a half before my appointment time. I told him I needed to confirm so I could know if leave work early to battle the Miami traffic and that no one confirmed with me. He apologized and said yes he'llbe there. Ok great, he showed up on time with the technician. While in my condo they suddenly couldn't give me a price Lowe's just got some new A/C units and the guy didn't have the prices on him but he swore he would call me by 10 am the next day. Of course now it's been 2 days, haven't heard a thing. Just called the store, they don't know anything (shocker) so she took my info for them to call me back. I have such a bad taste in my mouth after all this babysitting that more likely than not, if they ever call me back with a price, there's no way on this earth I would use Lowe's for this job. No way! Terrible customer service in this department and the worse part is, they really don't seem to care.

Offender: Lowes
Country: USA   State: All USA

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