Willie Meggs
Willie Meggs-Is He Purposely Covering Up His Dementia?

Willie Meggs-Is He Purposely Covering Up His Dementia?

Willie Meggs has served as Tallahassee State Attorney for nearly thirty years. And in 2012, he plans to run for an eighth consecutive term. But recent reports concerning the incumbent candidate's health have many worried that he is no longer fit for the role.

Willie Meggs Appearing Confused In Office

According to a source within the State Attorney's Office, Willie Meggs is displaying early signs of dementia. The source is a longtime colleague and supporter of Meggs. The source chose to speak under anonymity to protect his friendship and career.

“I've known Mr. Meggs for several years, ” the State Attorney's Office source says. “He knows my name. But now he calls me Wylie...It happens at least once a week.” It is presumed Willie Meggs is confusing his colleagues name with that of his son's, Wylie Meggs.

In addition to the regular name swapping, Willie Meggs has reportedly appeared confused in both his office and the court room. Apparently, Meggs drifts off while at his desk, often staring at empty space for significant periods of time.

Willie Meggs Dropping The Ball In Court

The prosecutor has also publicly displayed such confusion in court. During a recent interview with a local television journalist, Willie Meggs failed to develop his standing against a defendant's argument. As it is the responsibility of the prosecutor to secure legitimate counter-arguments, Willie Meggs' silence is incredibly disconcerting. What's worse, the televised interview is said to mirror the prosecutor's court room performance. And many law officials have come forward claiming that Willie Meggs' inadequacies have cost them a case. These failures have allowed many criminals to walk free due to legal technicalities.

Does Willie Meggs Know He Has Dementia?

Despite the obvious warning signs, Willie Meggs has yet to publicly admit to his health problems. It is unclear whether Willie Meggs is even aware of the fact that he is in failing health. Many people who suffer from mental illness, especially men, are in denial about their condition. Mental illnesses like dementia serve to further reinforce this denial, as the symptoms themselves cause confusion and poor judgment. In truth, asking a dementia patient if he has dementia is equivalent to asking a chronic liar if they frequently fib.

There is a possibility that Willie Meggs is in fact aware of his condition, but is hiding it from the public to secure the election. Those close to the prosecutor, including the source who broke the report, deny that this is the case. “I used to look up to him. I still do. He's a good guy. But now, it's like he's lost in thought. It's really disheartening, ” the source said when questioned about the possibility that Willie Meggs is trying to hide his illness.

It is estimated that approximately 13% of senior citizens have Alzheimer's and dementia, though most cases go undiagnosed. Symptoms of both diseases include memory impairment, inability to reason and bad judgment. Alzheimer's and Dementia are the fifth leading cause of death among American adults.

Offender: Willie Meggs
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