TN Dept of Labor & Workforce Devolopment
Overpayment amount incorrect!!

I experienced being overpayed from unemployement and i was okay with paying back what i owed because it was miscommunication ...i opted for an appeal for the decision and spoke with them and they came to the conclusion that i still owed the overpayment amount of 2300.00 which is exactly what was listed as the amount they came to agree upon for overpayment on the benefits ...2 months later i get a statement saying i owe another 500.00..i wrote them and asked for someone to contact me to explain to me why am i recieving this anonymous bill months later after i paid them off in full , Mac which is who returned my call stated that i should have assumed that i still owed an additional amount for penalty charges and there is nothing that he can do besides send out another statement so i can pay it !! i expressed to him that doesnt make sense why would i assume that i owe more money and i got a statement with a final amount on their, which is the amount i paid.. he then laughed and stated that i still owed the other amount ..I then spoke with someone named Angela and she said that it didnt look right as well and she doesnt understand why they are sending another statement and i paid off the amount requested she set up a callback with me! after 3 weeks and 5 voicemails later i finally spoke back with Angela and she stated that i had to appeal the penalty amount as well as the overpayment amount because they were 2 separate things. I contacted the appeals dept. and they didnt have a clue on what i was talking about . I ended up speaking with Larry a supervisor that was available ..i explained to him the issue with the overpayment amount and how i was told different things everytime i called !! He was very nice and expressed that he apologizes for the mis information and said that he has recieved complaints about the way the letter was worded and he suggested that they change it and include any other charges if they are owed on the statement . He said that he would have any interest removed from the penalty amount because of how long it took for someone to resolve my issue and here we are after 6 voicemails and 3 months later no one has called me back and they are continuing to add interest on the amount and they will not return my calls or write me back to let me know whats going on !!!

Offender: TN Dept of Labor & Workforce Devolopment
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: P.O Box 51088 Knoxville TN 37950
Phone: 6152530800

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