ARC mobile home communities
Affordable residential communities,american residential communities,and whatever other name they go by. Shoddy management,annual rent increases,highest lot rent around

Where do I start? We moved into an ARC community 7 years ago paying a lot rent of $290.00 monthly. Flash forward 7 years and now we pay $440.00 monthly! we have one of the highest lot rents in ALL of Lancaster Co. and beyond. Every year like clockwork they give us this "generalized" letter stating their justification of their annual increase. It is vague and does not specify why rent goes up. I know everywhere else that ARC owns they are doing the same things to their tenants too. It goes on to read that they base their lot rent on "comparable" parks in the area and adjust accordingly. Every park around our area is an average of $100.00 cheaper! Enough about that,they just now are enforcing dog fees. That is 10 dollars per dog. Ok now if I own my home and my dogs trash my house,that is my responsiblilty. If they trash the yard ie: kill the grass,wouldn't our security deposit handle that? I feel seeings we lived here for 7 years,we should be grandfathered in and any new tenant should be charged accordingly. When confonted about the dog issue, "I go by the barks I hear and they charged accordingly" REALLY? There is tenants here that have 6-8 dogs! So if the mgr. hears one,they are charged for one. LOL We have 2 and abide by the rules so because we were honest in telling how many we had,others who have more are getting a discount. I signed a lease here back in 2004 and have not signed another since. The park manager here does not do their job in enforcing any rules here. This person is good for putting nice bright pink notices affixed to people's doors so that the rest of the tenants know your personal business. You can submit complaints to the manager and nothing gets done. There is dog breeds in here that do not belong,large utility trailers,unregistered cars,uninspected cars(on jackstands no less) atvs,rollback tow trucks,even a full sized schoolbus that parks in here everyday. There is convicted felons,people who beat Arc for rent in the past even reside here! You call corporate and you get forwarded to the previous park manager that did nothing (and she gets promoted to regional mgr!) You got corner properties with trash and junk piled in their yards,tenants out all hours of the night drinking,carrying on and lighting fireworks off. (No it's not the 4th of July either we're talking October here!) You tell the mgr. and we're told "You should've called the cops" WTF? If a park mgr. doesn't enforce what is in black and white,what you get is a bunch of people doing what they want,when they want,and no one is held accountable. ARC is quick to enforce their ridiculous $35.00 late fee though. These people are driven solely by money and keeping their quota up filling in those empty slots and don't care about the honest,rule abiding tenants here. So with all this being said,if you want annual increases in rent,extra fees thrown in here and there,poor customer service,and park mgrs. who do nothing but enter your monthly rent statements,then ARC is the place for you! I know not all of us have perfect credit,and ARC will promise you the world. I implore you to shop around and steer clear of these people. I wish I did.

Offender: ARC mobile home communities
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: 4643 South Ulster Street, Suite 400

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