Oak Run Communities LLC
Paul Comingore Horrible People, Horrible Living Conditions, Illegitimate Lease

So we move into the trailer park about 1 month and a half ago. We were told it was a $300 deposit and $250 a week. Turns out it was $600 deposit, $300 down and $300 divided up in rent. Somehow they brought the price of rent up to $300 per week, which is way too much for a trailer. They are taking advantage of people and I will not let them do it anymore. They would never fix anything in the house due to the electric not being on in our name, we couldnt have the electric in our name due to the last tenants bill, which makes no sense to me either, but it wasnt our fault, at which point they should have switched us out or gave us our deposit and let us be on our way. If we leave within the next 6 Months they will put us on some DO NOT RENT LIST, So I am putting them on the DO NOT RENT LIST. IF YOU RENT FROM THEM YOU WILL FIND OUT HOW HORRIBLE IT IS. We have had roaches infesting our house since we got there, actually had to take my kid to the hospital due to a roach crawling in her ear in the middle of the night. We stayed in a hotel the past two weeks more than the trailer and still paid rent, and we just want out after all this, we cant cook for our kids the stove is broken and they wont fix it. I have called channel 8 news and the local code and health enforcement. The last person who posted in February, if you want help in your situation I have a lawyer that specializes in Landlord-Tenant Relationship suits, who I will be calling soon as well. I am sick of them taking advantage of people they think have no money or connections due to the fact they need to live in a trailer for the time being, My connections are about to be shown, and this is just the beginning of the negative press and publicity they are about to receive. I will be paying for radio and TV ads telling people NOT to rent there out of principle.

Offender: Oak Run Communities LLC
Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Tampa
Address: 6201 E 14th Ave
Phone: 8136215489

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