Grace homes
Brandt Bentley Liar liar pants on fire

This is my second time on here because the first time Brandt himself contacted me and begged me to take it down saying he wasn't aware that I hadn't been paid and that if I rebuttulled he would take care of everything as soon as I rebutted. Boy was that a big fat lie. Iam just one of many people he owes money too but i speak on behalf if everyone when I say this guy is a crook. He asked for my address stating he was sending me the money and I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt when 4 days went by I decided to call him, no answer. So finally after the week went by he called me and of course I asked where the money was and he said a customer gave him a bad check, we'll if that was the case don't you think he would have contacted me himself and told me instead of me having to call him. This guy is in recovery which means he's a liar and master manipulater maybe YOU need to go back to the 12 steps because im pretty sure your supposed to make things right with people you've screwed over. But thus guys never learns this is his second time around in 2005 he had a mortgage company that bombed!!! I just want my money and its sad that in this day and time that he refuses to pay me. It's excuse after excuse with this guy and lie after lie. Don't let this crook get away with this take him to court because as of now I heard he can't file bankruptcy because he still has roofs going up but again Brandt says their no money eventhough he just got a new 2013 truck he has no. Only to pay his employees. None of his office numbers work which is super sketch and all of his secretary's do his dirty work. You all should be ashamed of yourselves !

Offender: Grace homes
Country: USA   State: Tennessee   City: Hermitage
Address: 123 gracehomes ln
Phone: 7703076600

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