Grassroots Campaigns
GCI, GVO, Grassroots Voter Outreach Deceitful, deceptive, manipulative, for-profit, corporate Denver, Boston

Grassroots Campaigns and Grassroots Voter Outreach are the biggest sham the world of politics has ever seen. They try to make a game out of the Dodd-Frank Campaign reform bill by taking advantage of the formation of PAC mandated for fundraising. They use their sickeningly corporate fundraising schemes to undermine real political causes and turn a profit!
They manipulate bright, eager young college students into believing they are raising money for a cause when it really just goes into the coffers of the people at the top, or goes to fund completely different projects. GVO is especially guilty of this, their "alliance" of progressive causes lacks cohesion, leadership, or a clear mission. This is a money-making scheme purely.
As an American and a REAL political activist, this makes me ill. There is something wrong with our political system when it can be warped by perverts like these. They think that because they support progressive causes that it makes it okay to play by the rules of the other side, but in my opinion, that makes them worse. Hopefully gullible kids stop falling for their tricks soon and wise up. We need political activists who are willing to canvass against this sleazy organization.
During the presidential campaign, I signed on to work canvassing for Pres. Obama, rallying supporters to help re-elect him. However, they reassigned me to a Senate race in which I had no interest. Not only that, they reimbursed me for nothing, and they treat their people like plastic utensils. No wonder their turnover rate is as high as a bank because they operate a lot like a bank. Poor pay, poor benefits, poor management, ridiculous working conditions, and a complete top-down approach to management which means that the structure works as well as a broken lawnmower.
Don't work for Grassroots (GCI) or Grassroots Voter Outreach (GVO). These organizations are unethical, deviant, and a drain on your personal economy and health.

Offender: Grassroots Campaigns
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: 59 Temple Place, Boston, Massachusetts 02111

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