Pheonix Recovery Systems
Greedy Liars

Be very careful if you choose to use their services. They were one of the recommended counseling services I was required to attend due to a DUI from the Johnson County Municipal Court system. They are the cheapest, and they take pride in that, but they are the most unprofessional, foul mouthed greedy people I have ever encountered. I was to attend a once weekly 15 week alcohol class per court orders and unfortunately chose them as they were both cheapest and closest to my home. I attended every class and 'graduated' with no problems on any end. I never missed a single session and never gave anyone any kind of hard time. After completion, I reached out to one of the owners, foul mouthed disgusting Iris, and told her I needed additional help. I was struggling with not drinking and found myself concerned that I would get in further trouble with the courts as part of my probation was to abstain from alcohol. I contacted Iris and she made some suggestions, one of which was to contact an inpatient facility they were affiliated with. I contacted the facility just as she suggested and I was told after a phone evaluation that I didn't need inpatient treatment and they would not take me. I called Iris back and told her that I think I over reacted and just needed to continue counseling, but in a different environment, one on one rather than a group. I thanked her and told her I would handle this on my own. Keep in mind, I am no longer a client of theirs. Shortly after, Iris contacted my probation officer, which lead to me landing back in court. I drank on my birthday, realized I had made a mistake, reached out for help to someone that told me they would always be there to help if I needed it and because I opted to get help elsewhere, she ratted me out. I always found her to be disgusting, both her and her husband are incredibly over weight and attempted suicide via soda overdose every time I saw them. They are not qualified to offer advice of any kind to anyone regarding healthy life choices. Her husband Brett is the other owner and he allows Iris to yell and cuss obnoxiously throughout the entire process. All they cared about from day 1 was getting their measly 15 bucks a head. If you do choose to use them, DO NOT trust them. Go to classes, sit there and shut up. They are not your friends.

Offender: Pheonix Recovery Systems
Country: USA   State: Kansas   City: Mission
Address: 6005 Martway
Phone: 8164011494

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