Park Place Property Management
Monica Biddinger RIP OFF! Unfair, and Unlawful Practices By Property Managment Company

We have been renting from this company for almost 5 years now. My lease was up 4 years ago. I decided to stay because I fell in love with the newly built town home/apartment. This is a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom unit. The monthly rent here is $650.00 which is a great deal. It is a little less than 1,000 square feet.
In May of 2012 I had a family emergency come up that caused for me to be late. I called the property management company and spoke with Monica. She agreed that I could be late on the rent, and include the $45.00 for late fee in the rent check when I paid. I paid the rent a few days later. Life moved on.
In Sept 2012 I started to get notices in the mail stating that my rent is past due, and that I have past due balance owed to them in the amount of over $500.00! I was in shock! Included in the notice was a sub-paragraph stating that I am going to be charged an additional $25.00 for them posting a "3 Day Pay or Vacate" notice on my door. What is upsetting about this, is that NOTHING has ever been posted on my door.
I disregarded the notice cause I had just paid rent the night before. But long behold the next month I get the same thing. After calling to see what is going on, Monica informs me that she never made such arrangement with me (paying the additional $45.00) and that since May I have been being charged $10.00 a DAY in late fees, and that all the rent that I pay covers the past due amount, and any money left over goes to the rent. So, since May of 2012, all that I have been paying is the past due and partial rent, WHICH always causes me to be behind getting charged $10/day in late charges.
Monica stated that she tried to get in touch with me numerous times since May. I had no such contact from her that I was aware of. My phone had water damage and was not usable, and I did not check messages on that phone. My GMAIL account was on that phone but it had been so long since I needed to put my password in, I got locked out, and was unable to recover the email address for some time.
My son who is also on the lease spoke to Monica via EMAIL, and over the phone. He asked her to remove all charges of late fees on the account, bringing the past due balance to $0.00. Monica stated that she would only take care of a portion of the balance, but since she "feels" that she was being ignored she will not zero out the balance. She feels that this offer was reasonable.
After asking for the PROPERTY OWNERS contact information we were declined. Monica stated that per Park Place Property Management, they respect the privacy of the property owners, and will NOT give their contact information out. I wanted to speak to the property owner about the issue that was going on, and try to get this resolved with him. Monica refused to give out that information.
Monica recently send an email to the new email account that my son made, for Park Place email conversations to go to. This is what that email stated:

"It appears your lease has been expired for some time. You are currently on the month to month situation basis, which means you are exposed to a rental increase. The rents are up in the complex, so if you want to remain in the unit, we must get you in a new lease, at the current complex rate of 695.00 per month. If you choose not to sign a lease renewal, you will need to pay 795.00 per month to stay on a month to month basis, beginning December 1 2012 . If you dont agree with either option, then a 30 day written notice to vacate is required."

I downloaded a guide called: Office of the Attorney General:Landlord and Tenant Guidelines: Idaho Guide. October 2012. This guide is mentioning almost all the things that is happening. I've emailed her once again asking her to bring the balance on the past due account down to $0.00. She has once again declined. I pointed out to her that in the guidelines (I sent the guide to her in my email) that a tenant IS to be supplied with the building owners contact information and that I am once again requesting the information. I told her that I would like ONE of the TWO choices to be made. I told her that I would like for her to provide me with the owner information I have now requested twice from her. If she is unwilling to do that, then I asked her to contact the owner and have the owner contact me. I did insist to her that we get the information.
Long story short, I am still fighting this battle with Park Place Property Management. I would NOT rent from them. The apartment is almost 5 years old and is falling apart like it was put together in 3 days, from start to finish. Nails are popping out, carpet nails are coming lose and being stepped on. Finishing nails are coming out, and causing my kitchen to become a disaster zone. Tracks on the kitchen drawers are snapping. This apartment is NOT worth the $795 that they want to start charging me for this mess.
I almost forgot. Their maintenance guy came to repair a seal in the kitchen sink. He did not have his keys nor did he have authorization to enter apartment without my son, or myself being here. He charged me for missing the appointment that I scheduled with them to fix the sink. My son was on his way home from work. I told them that he works until 4, and gets home at 4:45. They were there at 4:28. They guy stated that he was too busy to come when the appointment was scheduled for Monday. He stated in a email to his boss that he showed up Monday, Tuesday, AND Wednesday but nobody was home. So he charged us $25.00 for not showing up to an appointment. My son was home that Monday and Tuesday that he states he showed up. My son states that he did not see any Park Place Vehicles, or hear any knocks on the door. Long story short they ended up reversing the charge after a email was sent to them stating that the repair man was FAR from prepared to preform his job and lied to get us a $25.00 fee. The fee was deleted. But other than that, there has been Nothing good about this place.
My son and I are going to contact whomever we need to get this issue resolved. Attorney General, Media, BBB, as well as many others. We will be letting people know how horrible this place really is. Stay FAR away from Park Place Property Management!!!

Offender: Park Place Property Management
Country: USA   State: Idaho   City: Meridian
Address: 280 E. Corporate Dr. Suite 260
Phone: 2083773227

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