Help save one
Marissa Stracaluzi of animal resuce group 'hlep save one' is a CON ARTIST- WATCH OUT!!

This is a very serious warning regarding the animal rescue group, Help Save One, they are a complete scam and a disgrace to all those upstanding rescue groups who are doing the right things.

Red flags went off in my head when they were so willing to just hand over a dog to my husband and I w/o speaking to us or interviewing us. When I brought that to her attention she said that because we lived in Newport,RI she felt the home would be fine!! She did not know us from a hole in the wall!!! And living in Newport, RI does not mean anything! Should have trusted my instincts, but this dog...puppy...was so cute and that was all I could think about...getting him to his new home!

We paid the $300 "donation fee" I picked him up from a disgusting, dirty foster home in NH, which the organization has never checked out and I can guarantee that was where this poor animal came in contact with the PARVO virus that ultimately claimed the puppies life. But not before we spent $2500 in vet fees to fight the illness.

When I told Marissa, one week after receiving the animal, about the PARVO virus the dog had, she said she would stand behind us and take care of medical bills and to do what we thought was best. We would have spent some money to fight but not $2500 simply b/c we did not have it.

She lied about sending reimbursement checks to me in the mail, and get this.....Marissa Stracaluzi even used breast cancer as an excuse!!!! I took that very personally. And who knows if she was even telling the truth about that since she has lied to us from the very beginning.

They scam people for the "donation fee" they scam people for other donations via the web for this animal or that animal threatening that the dogs will be killed if not enough money is raised, mean while she is pocketing all the donations. All the while handing out very sick animals and lying about it. We found out we are not the first people to have this happen from this organization

The organization claims to be from Warwick,RI but Marissa lives in CT and the business was set up in CT. Something very off about this group. Ocean State Vet services in RI cannot stand this organization and told me they were bad news. Also the RISPCA has said to stay away as well.

I want the organization dimantled Marissa has no business running this type of organization. She is making a bad situation worse. She is a complusive liar and manipulator so be careful and stay away!!! This is not a joke!

Offender: Help save one
Country: USA   State: All USA
Phone: 4013513631

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