Dogs Deserve Better
Thayne / Grimes We, the former DDB reps want the truth told!!!!

The stories you are reading are true. Many of us former reps are afraid to go public, because we fear the repercussions of Tami, Tammy, Tamira Thayne / Grimes. QUOTES from two former DDB reps -

"The Nat'l Coordinator was Tami's heavy. Tami had NOTHING to do with the Reps. The ONLY time calling her was acceptable was when she had to okay medical services. Tami/the nat'l coordinator put pressure on the Reps about Vet services being "too expensive". And making an appt for a DDB dog to be Vetted was -always- an ordeal. Getting rescue dogs vetted became such a hassle that I paid for a few myself with my own money. I paid for everything involving the daily care of my fosters, with my own money. I couldn't rest knowing there was any dogs that went unchecked. I admit that I was blinded to Tami's absence because I was SO in love with the idea of helping chained dogs.

I was weary from having to explain and justify my actions and decisions as a Rep. So I quit. I couldn't over extend myself one more moment. Nor could I deal with anymore complaints from DDB. Of which 99% of complaints DDB would take to their Reps was money related. So that was it. And since then, there is NO help or attention for any of the chained dogs I was monitoring.

So my experience with DDB was negative throughout. And I saw Tami and DDB through rose colored glasses. But since then I've noticed the inadequacies more clearly. And when Tami bought that Vick house. And she put the Rep program on "hold" so she could focus her time and MONEY on this property..... Well I knew then DDB was not going in the right direction. The Rep program is the vital link between the dogs suffering in backyards, and the help they so desperately need."


"I was sad to leave, because I thought the cause was an honorable one, but didn't realize the reputation the organization has. I left because I don't agree with the organization's ethics and business practices. Since learning how they do business, I have definitely learned HOW NOT to run a Not-for-Profit Organization. I spent way too much of my own money on "their" dogs without receiving much back from the donations I solicited from them... sounding familiar? I could have over looked it a bit IF I didn't receive hundreds of vulgar hate e-mails during my final few days being an Area Rep for them, - I quit. Then I saw the people and the organization for what it was; sensationalist propaganda and sue-happy snarks."

Offender: Dogs Deserve Better
Country: USA   State: Virginia   City: Smithfield
Address: Moonlight road

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