Violation of Rights and Child Abuse

I went into walkmart to purchase a new pay as you go phone from Eletronics Dept. I had my three year old son with me who was cranky. I picked up a bottle of liquid nails after purchasing the phone from electronics. I had a few other items to get such as cigarettes and some food items. However little one started crying and I couldnt find my license. So I hurried to check out to buy ground meat and candy for little one. In the mist of all this the liquid nails slid under the bag from electronics which by this point I totally forgot about while at register. A african american woman approached me prior to leaving store and reminded me of glue I thanked her and asked if I should go through line again. She said no come with me to pay. Well little 3 year old is not happy at this point but we go to security office where she asks for my license which I cant find. SO i explain. She says wait here I asked If I could just give glue back or pay. She made me wait with child for 20 mins. ALl of a sudden a 6'5 huge Norristown police officer comes in and starts yelling at me and trys to pat me down. I immediately ask him what is going on in shock. He tells me to "SHUT THE FUCK UP" in front of my child several times. My child is scared and screaming so like any mother I tell him to calm down and I would like to speak to another officer. HE grabs me by the next throws me down on the bench and twists my arm behind my back telling me I am under arrest all in front of my child. I tell him he cant arrest me he didnt read me my rights and I want to speak to an attorney, HE nor walmart would not allow me. They tell me they are taking me to the jail with my child. I explain that my husband is right around corner could he please get child because police cars have no car seats. They say no. Throw my three year old in one car and me in another. WHen my husband arrives at police station my child is screaming crying and sitting in his own urine with 5 policemen standing around him. My husband scoops him up and yells at the officers. Long story short after trying to find anything they could on my record which is nothing because I am an ex private investigator and 120lbs woman they release me with a summary for theft of 2.97 of glue. I have a trial on Dec 4th for this. What a waste of tax dollars. Is there a lawsuit here?

Offender: Walmart
Country: USA   State: Pennsylvania   City: Norristown

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