shady organization

I was looking for a second job to earn some extra money on the side. asks for all kinds of information both personal and otherwise, but they give absolutely none back. Asking what I would feed a child is absolutely ridiculous given that the child could be an infant or 10 years old. The child might have allergies or certain food restrictions. Or maybe she doesn't like certain things. The job ads they send are not matching with what I specified (hours, distance, pay scale) and NOBODY responds even though insists that if you don't respond within a day, it's unprofessional. I have 20 years of experience with children as a nanny and teacher. With a masters degree, CPR, first aid trained, only one person bothered to respond weeks later saying she didn't think I was qualified for the job. Not qualified to watch her kids for a few hours a week? Seriously? And then without notice, says my photo is not approved. First, they never said which photo it was (I submitted 3) and second, all of the photos were exactly within their guidelines so I am not sure what the problem was. I will never use this service again and I'm glad I didn't pay for the "upgrade" to get "noticed". is a scam.

Country: USA   State: California

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