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Poor Service

Simply wanted to buy a "trike" (3 wheeled bike) with handle for our 2 year old daughter. After carefully reviewing trikes on the Toy R Us website, went to the store in Boca Raton, Florida (on Route 441) to look, evaluate and purchase one for our daughter. With daughter in hand, upon arriving at the store, ran into two problems. First, they had many trikes with handles but only had one model on display - the rest were in the box. Second, the trikes are high up on the shelf making it difficult to pull down for evaluation. I was able to pull them down being a 6 ft 1 in guy. But I'm thinking there is no way my wife who is 5ft 2 in could reach these. Anyone with any merchandising or marketing experience knows parents want to touch and try such a product before buying. How can you purchase a trike or bicycle for a kid without having the kid sit on on it to see if it fits? Upon asking the Toys R Us employee about this, they just said "We do this because the kids run into each other when they try out the bikes". So the sum of it is the following strategy used by Toys R Us to sell these products - keep it in the box, don't let parents try them out with their kids, and if the model you may be interested in happens to be on the shelf for display, make sure it is high up enough to make it difficult to get to. Way to go Toys R Us. If you wonder why their stock does so poorly, this experience is representative of their poor attitude towards customers.

Offender: Toys R Us
Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Boca Raton

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