Lorain County Job and Family Services
the wrong kind of help

I feel job and family services hire the wrong people. The people that work for them are low class ghetto trash. No respect. Like to argue. They do not try to help you but make things more difficult for you. I think the people they hire should be understanding with your needs and show respect for anyone regardless of their need for assistance. They have a job because people need help. So show the people of lorain county you want to help them. I say this because of the way iam treated when I call. Example: I have a one month old baby. So right now iam on maternity leave. Icalled them the day I went on maternity leave to let them know because it is required of me in order to receive assistance. After that they raised my food assistance. But did not tell me I was eligible for cash assistance. Which by the way would have been very helpful me being a single mom of 2 now and not receiving any help from anyone for my bills and rent. No child support. Nothing. A month later of reporting my leave from work, someone mentioned to me that I should be receiving cash assistance to help my kids and I out. So I called the welfare office. Spoke with a lady that was rude. Spoke with no class, very ghetto. I just simple asked her if I could speak with a case worker about cash assistance. She made it her business to question me. To tell me she concluded I can't since I will be going back to work soon and I don't get back pay because I never applied for it. I asked her again to please let me speak to a case worker and she was laughing at me still being rude and smart mouthed. Smacking her lips over the phone. Then hung up on me. I honestly do not want to deal with these people ever again. Unfortunately I have to due to my circumstances. Who do I complain to how do I get these people to have respect when talking to us and stop treating us like we are trash???!!?? I called to speak with supervisors thinking they would address the problem and put it to rest. To my surprise the supervisors are just as bad if not worse! Who hires these people? Why do they always have a bad additude with the people who receive help?any other work environment would have punished a person who speaks like this. They get away with it becaus e they all act like that they all think they are better then us!! And I'm sick of it! Its time for a change!! We deserve respect!! We are human! We have kids! We are in titled to this help because of our situations life has put us in!! Iam not asking to become rich off of my benefits. I'm not asking to completely take care of my family while I sit on my butt all day! I'm asking for some help while I'm off work and unable to provide for my family!!!. What is so wrong with this?? Who are theyto judge me?? They need to grow up and find a new job that best suits them. If anyone out there has had an experience as I did with them.(I have had more this is just the most recent) please speak up!!! Find out where do we complain to and get these workers to stop treating us like this!!

Offender: Lorain County Job and Family Services
Country: USA   State: Ohio

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