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Anti-Semite Autograph Site Moderator

Anti-Semite Steve Cyrkin is well known in the autograph industry for being a self hating Jew. Yes, an anti-semite. This is well documented. Cyrkin sent an email to another Jewish business leader calling him a 'kike."Shortly after the email was published, most of the legitimate autograph industry abandoned Cyrkin. The President of the Universal Autograph Collectors Club stated that he believed Cyrkin must have had a mental breakdown. Many others demanded Cyrkin to apologize for his disgusting choice of words. An autograph organization has asked Cyrkin on multiple occasions to apologize. Steve Cyrkin, refuses to do so, therefore standing by hisextremely hateful words.

People like Steve Cyrkin will likely not be arrested for his amateur opinions. He admits he knows little about autographs. For his actions in banning those members on his Autograph Magazine Live blog that disagree with him, Cyrkin has paid a heavy toll. Yes, the criminal type dealers who knowingly want their fake autographs passed as genuine and are willing to pay for this service . Fraud is committed when Racketeering, Business Collusion, embezzlement, doctoring light material with ink without revealing such, shill bidding, publishing false auction reports, etc. is done.

You will not learn the truth from Steve Cyrkin’s Why would you? He is one of the largest stockholders in PSA/DNA, a company being investigated by the FBI for fraud. He is also co-founder of the parent company Collectors Universe (CLCT). Self-Hating Jew Steve Cyrkin can create an illusion and delete and suspend all members who speak the truth on his site but he is no match for American Justice, as his few criminal type friends are being brought down by this system while he controls a blog site through editing, deletion, banning and removing valuable information that may lead to the truth. Totally corrupt!.

Why does a company like PSA/DNA that has a failing grade from the Better Business Bureau get promotion by Steve Cyrkin? Is it because he owns Stock in it? Is it because he co-founded it? ‘YOU THINK! His voice should be the last opinion one should trust because he profits by promoting it. Why would any company support or promote a company so many have problems with? Could it be because those companies cannot authenticate autographs on their own and have some sort of a deal with PSA? What counts is what customers that have used them have to say. No other opinion The autograph hobby is still in an uproar over Steve Cyrkin. Many mayremember not long ago his autograph business "Starbrite" being shut downbecause of a large number of forgeries in its inventory. Shortly thereafter, Cyrkin closed down his "Autograph" magazine. Many in the legitimateautograph hobby abandoned this autograph tyrant.

Steve Cyrkin recently created a website Autograph Magazine Live where he bashes those who he feels has exposed him. He also bashes legitimate autograph dealers who refuses to use the services of PSA/DNA, a company Cyrkin helped found and he is still a major stockholder in this company. A collector only needs to look at the few left who advertise on this site and discover they have either sold more forgeries that anyone else in the hobby or they are not respected.Numerous collectors and dealers feel if someone advertises on this site, you better do your own homework on that seller.

Many will remember how Steve Cyrkin was told by experts that his inventory was chock full of forgeries. This forced Cyrkin to close down his website for years and he posted that his website was under construction. Cyrkin wasn’t fooling anyone. The industry basically walked away from Cyrkin forcing his autograph business to shut down and eventually because of lack of support he had no option other than closing down the magazine.

Each time a blogger on Steve Cyrkin’s site makes him out to look like a fool and/or a fraud he attacks their personal lives.

If that doesn't say how dishonest and ridiculous he really is...nothing does. He acts like some sort of holier than thou super-genius...but it's time for the truth. Those who want to better understand his behavior can contact his family who could add insight to his bizarre statements:

Carol Louise Cyrkin (Ex-wife of Steve)

14042 Chagall Avenue

Irvine, CA 92606

Phone 949-654-0768

Stephanie Cyrkin (Daughter, never been married, living with a female partner) Phone 949-223-1876

Check out his 200 plus page Divorce papers to help explain his erratic behavior What Cyrkin did wasn't just despicable. It was evil.

Offender: Steve Cyrkin Autograph Magazine Live
Country: USA   State: California

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