Infocom USA Inc.
Billing Practices

After 4 years, Infocom USA Inc. is claiming we ordered (over the phone) a subscription for some kind of booklet, back in 2007. Needless to say I have no idea what they are talking about. I never received a bill, Never received a publication nor did I ever hear from them during those 4 years. All of a sudden the phone calls began and many of them I might add. Very disturbing and very threating. They claim my husband agreed to a subscription over the phone, played back the supposed conversation and now they say they will submit the debt to all 3 creidit bureaus which will ruin our credit for 6 years. They are also threating litigation. The original amount we owed according to them back in January, 2007 was $379.95, The total is now up to $1, 081.15. It is a scam, I know it and they ceertainly no it, but they just won't quit. Well sorry foks, we are not paying for something I never received. And remember I never received a bill ever in four years. That is my story. I am sure there are many more like mine.

Offender: Infocom USA Inc.
Country: USA   State: District of Columbia

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