Samsung doesn't stand behind their sudden death syndrome Galaxy III phones - Galaxy S3

It's been over 2 months, hundreds of $$ in time and international phone calls to SAMSUNG UK, to no avail. After buying an unlocked, int'l version of the SAMSUNG GALAXY S III, it had sudden death syndrome that has been acknowledged by SAMSUNG. SAMSUNG US said they woudn't fix it since it was the intl version after looking up the IMEI. SAMSUNG UK said they could fix it after looking up the IMEI, said yeah, spend the $ and send it to us and we'll fix. Since then, SAMSUNG UK claims it's a US model and they can't fix it and oh by the way, we should also pay to ship it back, unfixed. We've been trying to get the phone shipped back, but the main service center doesn't talk well with the head office even though after 1.5 months the head office said they'd do us the favor and cover the shipping fees back. But, the head office can't seem to manage to get the phone from their service center. Neither location would let me speak with a manager that had any real authority. I tried emailing Mr. Brackenbury, Customer Support Operations Manager, Samsung Electornics - UK and Republic of Ireland, Samsung House but only get email responses from folks saying gee, sorry, can't help and also can't confirm they ever forwarded the email to him. We will NEVER, EVER, buy a SAMSUNG CELL PHONE AGAIN. But, we would like our phone shipped back!!!

Offender: Samsung
Country: USA   State: All USA

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