BAD Components - Samsung DLP 67"

I bought a Samsung DLP 67"TV. The DLP Chip Failed. I have white dots on the screen. After considerable research, I found out that those chips used during that year have failed in many DLP TV's. Samsung has authorized outside-warranty repairs for smaller sized models, but not on all 67", ( I spoke with a repair shop that replaced many. Some Samsung covered, while others they did not), even though the same chip was used. I found out that larger TVs did not meet their thresh-hold of wide-spread failure. I, also, found out that the reason being is they simply did not sell nearly as many 67", so the threshold can never be met to make their "list of covered models". I contacted Samsung for their support-that might as well been an automated response. I spoke with office of the president as well. They offered to pay for the part if I paid for labor. Keep in mind, meantime we are staring at dots. I work with electronics. I bought the part and replaced it myself. BTW are very helpful and have very vast knowledge. Now, Samsung tells me that since I did not utilize an authorized repair shop they would not pay for the part,($159 at Shop Jimmy). Since they are not covering labor anyway, why would they dictate where I can fix MY TV? This whole experience is an outrage. They should have covered the WHOLE thing not just the part. Let's break this down in dollars and sense. I paid $3200 for this TV. Service and parts cost to repair by authorized Samsung repair shop is $500. I've had the TV 4 years. That's almost $1000/yr to own a Samsung TV? Is that not an outrage? They refuse to reimburse me. Their service, as I researched, is terrible. They DO NOT honor their products. They've become, thanks to consumers like me, too big to care or care about quality. I would NEVER buy their products again! This has become a matter of principle. A matter of consumer rights.

Offender: Samsung
Country: USA   State: All USA

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