Samsung Note II - BLACKOUT at least 3 times in 5 mins - Samsung Note II

I bought my "smart" phone in Jan 2013, i sent it for repair in March, twice in a week, going to be the 3rd time today, as i'm planning to make a big fuss at the service centre today. The phone BLACKOUT at least 3 times in 5 mins time. The staff replied that it was a software update problem as i already updated to the latest version, but blackout still happen. So i took a video to show how the blackout happens even software update already been done.
But i am so sick and tired of rushing to the service centre after work every other day, to queue up and wait and wait and wait and get the same outcome.
I was trying to get new phone from them, but they sound unfriendly when i mentioned it and said that they will fix it within the warranty, But how much more time that i have to waste on this stupid phone.
I have no phone to use, or i had to face hundreds times of blackout in a day, can't even make a phone call or play game or listen to music, as it will juz blackout in a sudden.
I hope they will do something today instead of entertaining me by sending my phone to the back office to rest for a day and call me the next day to collect that piece of shit!

Offender: Samsung
Country: USA   State: All USA

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