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Good Evening Sir

My name is Amjad Shalaby , if it will not bother you to give me few minutes just by reading my complain because i am really Angry and disappointing of what happened with me in your service center,,

i bought my Samsung from your branch Techno-blue in Salwa road by date 8-2-2013 , and suddenly at Sunday 24-2-2013 i had a problem with my LCD ; it works sometimes and most of the time no , i thought it was normal or it will happen only one time but actually the problem repeated many times and was increasing that i could not use my phone normally anymore so i decided to go to Techno-blue to check the problem , i went their Thursday 28-2-2013 they tried to help me by adjusting the phone setting but it was useless , they told me to talk to some one at the phone at the service center , he asked me to un instal the antivirus i had because my phone is already protected and to visit their service center at al Nasser street if i found the problem again , i un install the antivirus as he advised but nothing was changed with the LCD problem ,

so i went to the service center at Friday , i met a customer service lady and she told me we will open a job card and we will fix it for you , i told her it is only less than one month and a major problem like that in only less than one month is not accepted , i asked her i need a replacement phone , she replied that is not under her Authority and i should come at Saturday to meet the manager who should give that order because he is off at Friday,

i returned back at Saturday , i met the manager , i explained to him the problem and he told me that he will open a job card for me and i asked him to mention in the job card that i do not want to repair my phone as it was new , i need a replacement one , he told me and he showed me that he already mentioned it on the job card and he asked me to come the next day so he will have an approval for the replacement phone,

i returned back again at Sunday , he told me the replacement phone is ready and he showed me the reception girl who will give me the new phone, i went to her and she showed me the new phone and opened it in front of me and show me the battery and charger and everything and the it was the same color( grey ) , then suddenly , she told me to wait 2 minutes , i found the manager came again to me and asked me to go with him to his manager ,

i met him and he told me we are so sorry but the approval that came from Samsung was for a brown color not your grey color and i should wait until tomorrow until they send the approval for my color , actually i was surprised and asked him , you sent a request by my phone bar-code ? he answered yes , and i asked again and does my bar-code shows the color of my phone ? he answered yes , i told him so why they sent an approval for brown phone although the request was for a grey one , he tried to say a lot of un logic things that i could not understand but at the end we agreed that i should only wait until tomorrow only then i will have my new replacement phone of the same color and i asked him if i can collect the phone from techno-blue as it was nearest to my home he said okay and he will confirm with me about the place i will receive my new phone next day before 6 pm ( note : my replacement phone not the old one after repaired)

next day , i received a call from a lady at 7:15 from a lady , at that time i was already at techno-blue asking for my new phone , she told me that my phone is ready and i can go to collect it from their service center at AL Nasser street , i told her i am waiting at techno-blue now , she replied that it will be difficult to collect it from their and the phone is ready with her now after being repaired, i asked her ; repairing what ? she answered me that they changed the LCD for me and the phone is fixed now ,

i returned back again to them to meet the manager that he promised me the day before that i will have a replacement phone and promised i will receive it from techno blue by 6 pm , i met him , he told me that my phone is repaired and i can take it and he showed me that it is working now after changing the LCD

Actually i was shocked and so angry , i asked him who agreed with repairing the phone , he told me you asked to receive it tomorrow maximum , i told him i asked to receive the new replacement one that you told me not to repair my old one as i mentioned before that i don't want to repair it , he told me we already repair it and no need to replace it now , i stayed 1 hour talking with him and trying to understand why they made this but actually it was useless,

Any way , i left again without my phone because i will not accept that

now , i am making an official complaint and i need a solution of this problem as soon as possible as it is almost 2 weeks now without a phone as it is very important for my job

just want to verify my complaint in the next points ;

1- is it accepted to stay 4 days going their and meet a lot of people trying to fix a problem with my phone i already bought from only less than 20 days ??

2- is it accepted that i mentioned from first day that i don`t want to repair my phone , i want a replacement one and that was already mentioned in my job order , and they repair it without returning to the customer even if the replacement was not approved ??

3- is it accepted to send a request for approval to replace a grey phone and the approval came for a brown one ( as the manager said to me ).

4- is it accepted for a manager to agree with me that the replacement approval for my color not my case will me the next day and suddenly he repair it ??

5- as a prove that i was receiving my replacement phone with the same color ( grey ) from the counter girl , i still have the bar-code sticker on the job card that she put on the job card when she was finishing the procedures to get my replacement phone ( a copy of the job card is attached to the mail )

6- it is now 2 weeks for me without a phone , one week it was with me but the LCD not working most of the time , and the other week repairing it at the service center and i don`t know if it is going to take more weeks for solving or what.

at the end , i am not asking for anything more than my rights , and i think all what i explained above is a very bad image for a big company like Samsung .

would you please advice me what can i do in that case as soon as possible .

thanks for you patience.

attached is a copy of my job card ( with the bar-code i was getting ready to recieve) and the techno-blue bill
my name again Amjad , you can contact me at this number 97470296556

Offender: Samsung
Country: USA   State: All USA

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