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On September 27, 2011 I purchased a new samsung admire cell phone from an authorized dealer for metro pcs . Which was located at 13700 Doolittle Dr. San Leandro CA 94577. I was happy with the phone until the 4th day. (10/1) The phone began to show defects and the screen began to have fuzzy lines going through the screen till today the issue still stands. I can barely make out words on the screen and I can not even see pictures clearly at all. On my day off on 10/4, I decided to stop by the store and return the phone since I figured it was still a reasonable time limit to return a phone that clearly has defects. When I went to the store they were highly unprofessional and clearly right out of high school and said, "sorry but we cant return the phone you need to go to the corporate store." So I did, and I waited in line for 1 hour to only have a customer service rep tell me the same that I couldn't return the phone but they could order me a REFURBISHED phone and I could pick it up in a couple days. At this point I was beyond furious. I had bought a brand new phone for $160 and it clearly had manufacturing defects and I was no longer capable of obtained new phone only a refurbished phone. How ridiculous is that? They would also not give me a refund because its only for NEW accounts and with less than an hour talk time. The customer service rep then advised that I go back to the store where I purchased the phone and ask if they could return it there. So I then went once again back to the store to ask if they could return the phone because that is where I purchased the phone. The unprofessional girl told me. "if you have a problem then call customer service because there's nothing I can do." I left and sat in my car for almost 2 years trying to get through to customer service and after 4 drop calls and hang ups I was able to finally speak with a human being. The customer service agent said the same thing that there was nothing they could do because that's just the policy. They advised I go back to the metro corporate store and speak with a manager. So now it’s second trip to the corporate store in a day. I then wait another hour to speak with a manage who tells me, “first where did you purchase the phone and I said at a authorized dealer and he said ok we can’t even touch the phone because you didn’t purchase the phone from here. So you need to go back there and speak with their manager or regional rep who connects with metro.” So now its my 3rd trip back to the authorized dealer with children working there. I get there an ask to speak with their manager who clearly never is there. They call him and I speak with him and tell him my situation and ask if he can help at all. After multiple times of explaining and going back and forth he makes a call and calls the store back and tells me ok we can credit you how much ever you spend and put it towards a new phone of your choice. I was finally ecstatic that I was finally getting some kind of customer service. I then tell the girl the phone I want and as she is ringing me up, she called the guy back because she has issues so then he asks the girl if when I purchased the phone it was a new account. I said no I had the account already I just bought a new phone. She then tells me that they cant do it after all and I need to go to the corporate store to get a refurbished phone and I was back at square one. I ask to speak with the manager and she says, “he cant talk because he’s going to class and by the time he gets out we will be closing.” I was furious! So I ask about the next day if he will be available and they said well he prays everyday till 1pm so after 1pm he will be available. I couldn’t believe this was real, I felt like this damn company was a joke. They then went to another customer and turned their backs and said sorry. I walked out more than angry at the rip off phone I bought and no decent customer service from a so called “company”.

Offender: metro pcs
Country: USA   State: All USA

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