Virgin Mobile USA, Inc.
phone service inoperable due to tower problems

My cell phone stopped working last week fri 11/2. Everything...making I pay $55 month for unlimited everything. When I called they first said they didn't know why & I was transferred to a technician. She was not able to remedy the issue & then so just hung up on me. I called back & further investigation he said the tower in my area is under construction...they do this 3-4 times a year & the service is usually out for a few days (which if I knew this I never would of signed up with them!) & after some time looking into it they reported it should be working by mon the 5th at 5pm. Mon apx 830 I called from another phone stating my phone still was not working & went through the same aforementioned scenario where the technician after briefly hearing the problem..without trying to fix it though..just hung up on me I believe because it was close to 9pm & then I was unable to call back. So yesterday tues nov 6th I called & they reported tower is fixed phone should be working..however it still isn't. Although phone does work out of are as I reported haing used it earlier in the day in pasadena. They tried to fix connection..etc. w/phone & were unsuccessful. Eventually customer service person apparently left w/ no resolution tells me unfortunately it appears your phone is no longer under warranty so you may just have to replace your phone. I said no..I don't think so..he is even acknowledging it is their issue w/my phone not working again since the tower issue..& it works fine out of the area...there's no way I'm going to pay to replace my phone when its their issue making it not work. Then he says he has to fill out a report for 'higher up' & this will take 3-4 additional days to hear back about...therefore being a week w/out a phone?? And there is nothing else they can do. I said yes...I need a phone NOW...this is my only phone..where clients call to make appointments..I'm losing money potentially every minute its off...let alone a week!! That just can not do! So I'm not only paying for a service that's not working but they're telling me apparently they're willing to now lose me as a customer after this because they don't want to give me a replacement phone to use...that's ridiculous I know to compare what it would cost to just replace my phone than lose my $55 a month. I just cannot comprehend the unbelievably poor customer service & what little to no effort they are effort they are making to retain a customer & how they are willing to make the beliberate/conscious decision to put me out...keep me unaccomadated & completely unsattisfied with them.

Offender: Virgin Mobile USA, Inc.
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: 10 Independence Boulevard Warren NJ 07059
Phone: 9086074000

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