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I have been a customer of Sprint for more than 2 years on a Family Advantage Plan. During that time I experienced numerous problems that Sprint never fixed. I would experience dropped calls and lost money from my job as a direct result of these dropped calls. Sprint computers said they weren't dropped calls. I was told they were hangups even though they occurred in the middle of calls. I would also hear a squealing noise on the phone that was not heard by the person I was speaking with which they said, for about a year, that this squealing was due to work on the towers. I further experienced very poor reception and would not get any in several areas of the north east where I work as a truck driver who depends on my phone for business purposes. They then said my phone was not working correctly and I was told to have the phone checked then when the check showed it was not the phone they told me to replace the phone. I went online to Sprint.com and bought another phone which was no better as I continued to experience the same issues. I then switched back to my original phone and continued to experience the same issues. Spint was unwilling to attempt to fix these issues continuing to blame the phone. I finally got fed up and switched carriers and have since not experienced any of these problems. Now Sprint is trying to charge me $450 for the phone even though I had no contract with Sprint and nobody ever informed me of this possible charge. It was a month to month plan. Sprint has outright refused to work with me on this issue and refuses to give me a credit given their poor service, reception, dropped calls, etc. This is all noted in their records of my many calls to them in my attempts to resolve these issues. They are even refusing to work out a payment plan with me demanding I pay the $450 in one payment. I only agreed to pay the unfair charge as I got so tired of trying to get a satisfactory outcome to my issues. I am now, also, worried that my family member who works at a Sprint store will be penalized for this issue.

Offender: Sprint Mobile
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: PO Box 4191 IL 60197
Phone: 8882114727
Site: www.sprint.com

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