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Metro PCS send - LG Motion 4G

4G Lg Motion on sale & out of stock in stores & available if purchased online. It was only when the audio failed completely( including attempts the speaker & headset) one month later dis I discover their shady practice of Online purchases of which I am quite sure I was the only person victimized as part of a fluke accident. Prior to contacting Metro PCS customer complaint, I opened phone thinking perhaps the batter needed to be reset. However, I was flabbergasted to say the least when I notice the scratches around the area of the screws that were striped, the battery & paper cover was peeling, dirty from previous use. I also learn the reason I couldn't store any apps or pictures to my SD card b/c I didn't have one, the sim card was breaking & had been used & bent. After a CSR verified my purchase & acknowledge my complaint she agreed w/ me that it appeared I was accidently issued a defective phone & I was directed to a service center where she would document suggesting, if the tech agreed, I was to get a replacement phone on the spot. However, when she opened the phone & even after agreeing w/ me b/c this was long term damage beyond the month I had the phone, she stated she wasn't able to replace the phone b/c it appeared to have water damage. Considering it was my phone, & there had not been any incident which placed the phone even near water, I concluded, that it just had to be one more issue added to the list that occurred prior to my receipt. In my opinion, an employee working in shipping at Metro, & the owner of the phone, saw & used my purchase of the same phone as an opportunity to switch. The only other explanation is it being a Metro PCS business practice. This began in Sept & & to date I have yet to have a replacement phone. Why, b/c Metro suggest I file a claim requiring me & at my expense to UNJUSTLY have to pay $40 more for deductible so I can get a refurbished phone in place of the NEW phone I paid for but did NOT get & b/c the insurance company upon hear the details denied my claim stating "It was a manufacturing issue & I was entitled to a new phone. Meantime I was reduced to using a downgraded phone 7 HAD TO CARRY THE LG w/ me to obtain contact #'s from it. It was until approx. 3 wks later while taking friends of my friends home & someone stole the phone, not aware it was broken, which also change the claim status did the agent file the claim & review the affidavit that was to be downloaded to my pc & upon completion return to them via fax, MORE Expense! Although not a factor since I have yet to receive it. Its been several months, I feel victimize, extorted after outright being told they cannot just send me a new hone even w/ proof of purchase & basically indirectly told they're going to do it again thru the ins. claim. for a refurbished phone which in my opinion the deduction fee is the price of phone & therefore not only did I get cheated for the price of a new phone now I'm forced to pay for the used one should this be my choice. Even if switch providers, I still don't win or even get ahead since I will be require to purchase their phone.

Offender: metro pcs
Country: USA   State: All USA

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