verizon wireless
Verizon has bad customer service.

2 different Verizon Wireless reps told me they owed me $130.60 they refunded me $7.71 After 10 years this is they way they thank me.  They are a very missleading company.  My recommendation is to stay away there are much cheaper plans and better customer service elsewhere. The agent clearly agrees and can see that the previous 2 agents promised the $130.60 refund but her hands are tied and I felt like she doesn't really care.  I feel that Verizon doesn't care about loyalty or good customer serviced.  A companies word is their true customer service. I switched to Tmobile and the coverage is not quit as good but it is less than half of what I was paying.  Verizon can keep my $123 but they will never get me back and I plan on tell all about the other options out there and the broken promises of Verizon.  She said they want me to give feedback and train their reps, well that is great but that's just talk and talk is cheap.  Another thing today is 1/10/14 I was over 3 months ago when I transferred my number.  How would they react if I took 3 months to pay them my bill?  It would have been longer but they kept "MY data" plan active for an extra 3 weeks after I canceled it.  Aparently when you cancel with Verizon you have to cancel both or they will keep charging you for the data plan.  Again terrible customer service.  Big company and they don't care about the little guy.  It's time people including myself stand up and let the world know their number # 1 customer is their shareholders not their customers that pay them.

Offender: verizon wireless
Country: USA   State: All USA

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