Sprint store - Market District San Francisco. (Sprint corporate as well)

Avoid sprint at all costs. My contract was up, and I was visiting San Francisco from Portland. I had lost my phone while there, so I decided to go ahead, renew contract and upgrade. I just wanted the $200 upgrade deal with a new 5s. They told me that yes, I was eligible for an upgrade but the total was a little more than $200. I asked why and the man said that the $200 was if I did it online, ported in another number, etc. I said fine. They got the 5s all set up for me and said that by renewing, they would give me a Galaxy Tab for free as long as I got the data plan. I said that I had an iPad and wasn't interested. They then said I could pick out $200 in accessories instead. I said cool and did. I got some headphones, a speaker and an arm band.I gave away everything to friends minus the arm band as it was "free" and I didn't need it. I ended up walking out of there paying $274 for the phone with fees and taxes and a 2 year contract. Fast forward to today.... My bill that is usually $85 is $168. Some of this was a new device activation fee. The rest, I couldn't figure out. I called to ask why. Over an almost 2 hour phone call with Sprint, we figured out what happened. The rep in the store did not sign me up for a new contract. Instead, he sold me all of the "free" accessories and put me on the Sprint one-up plan. That $274 that I spent at the store? It was for a bunch of useless accessories that I didn't need or want. Now I pay $30 more per month as payment on my phone for absolutely no added value to my service. To cancel Sprint now, instead of a $300 early term fee, since I am on this new one-up plan, I have to pay the value of the phone. $650!!! Insane! The best part of all of this is that the rep and the supervisor on the phone were in agreement that it is wrong, but they said they don't have the power to do anything as I would have to visit the store in San Francisco to figure it out. I do not live anywhere near San Francisco. This is absolutely insane. This store conned me into spending $270 that I shouldn't have had to. They signed me up for an obnoxious plan which is not what I asked for. Never visit these crooks.

Offender: Sprint
Country: USA   State: All USA

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