Billing issues - Sprint Mobile phone service

I have a business account with 10 lines. I noticed 11 months into the last line being added that they didn't put the last line in the "bundled" plan. It was a stand alone line and it was billed about $50 per month more than it should have been. When I brought it to their attention they said they can only go back and credit me $100.

The customer service Reps have been very friendly and they all agree with me but when I get escalated they say they will only credit me $100.

I have tried to stick with Sprint even though there coverage is not good. I wanted to support a local company.

I am now going to drop the service, pay my $2,000 ETF's and switch to Verizon. It has way better coverage and I will be saving about $50 per month. It would have cost them less than 1 month of my average bill to keep me but I am leaving.

Verizon is going to pick up much of my costs in the switch. They are buying my old phones for more than I have to replace them with 5s's and they are offering credits to transfer lines. My net out of pocket is going to be about $500. I am glad to pay $500 to get away from a company that would cheat me out of $500.

Offender: Sprint
Country: USA   State: All USA

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