Sprint Unsatisfied Customer - Galaxy s2, i9100

I've been with sprint since 2005 and just recently been receiving poor customer service/appreciation. Within the past month I've had FOUR Galaxy S2's due to a bad charging port. You would think the refurbished phones would work, hey?!? I complained over and over yet they still sent me this piece of crap every time. They allowed me to use my upgrade early only too charge me $150.00 just to access it early. I shouldn't have to use my upgrade just because their phones aren't up to par. The last thing they did was ordered me the Evo 3D because I told them I refuse to accept another bad Galaxy. My husband decided to get me a loaner phone up until the replacement phone came. He called over the phone to get the phone activated on my line, instead of the Sprint Rep activating the phone on MY EXISTING LINE, he decides to add a completely new line to my account. GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!! At that time we called in to have this problem resolved he said within 24hrs the line will be dropped. DID NOT HAPPEN!!! So when I was finally able to get loaner phone on my account 48hrs later the line was still active. Soon my replacement phone came and I went to pick it up, they couldn't activate it because it was tied to the magical line that the hard of hearing Sprint Rep created. I called and complained they said that it was set to be deactivated Dec. 16th. That wasn't good enough for me, so someone called me back in said withing 15mins the line will be dropped. DID NOT HAPPEN. They were willing to activate the replacement phone only to use the loaner phone WE PURCHASED to put on the magical line they created. At that point my loaner will be tied up for four extra days due to their mistake. I feel that I should be credited the upgrade charge(in which I haven't used)for all the hassles and misleading information that has been giving too me. My husband decides to call only for them to override the request of dropping the line ASAP, which they could have already done. So I try in activate the replacement phone everything was working besides the text messages. I called, did online chats, spoke to a tech, did multiple hard resets, and the messages still didn't work. SO I HAVE A REFURBISHED REPLACEMENT PHONE THAT I CAN'T EVEN USE. I been to multiple sprint stores, chatted/called multiple sprint agents within the past month and there's no way I can get a credit or even a phone that works???? THIS IS MAD CRAZY!!!! I HAVE FOUR LINES WITH SPRINT AND THIS IS HOW THEY VALUE MY BUSINESS. THEY SUCK AND I PLAN TO GET ALL FOUR DISCONNECTED REAL SOON.

Offender: Sprint
Country: USA   State: All USA

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