phone under warranty - Sprint PC service

I have been a sprint customer for 14 years and i have had my issues on and off with them but stuck with them, why? i couldn't tell you other than i am a loyal person and always give the benefit of the doubt. They have no loyalty to their long term customers. I had a galaxy 2 phone and it wouldn't keep a charge, took it to the store they told me my battery was fine, called sprint was told my phone was in warranty and they passed me off to samsung who they said would take care of it, got it back from Samsung saying that my phone was beyond repair ever though it had no water damage and hadn't been dropped. They told me they didn't know why sprint told me that they would fix my phone and that i need to contact sprint. so i contacted sprint again they started out outraged about what Samsung told me but then when it got to the point of them taking any accountability about me having a defective phone that was still under warranty they gave me the run around giving me options to pay a repair fee and if that didn't work to buy a new phone, wouldn't work with me on contacting the store about the repair, wouldn't do anything about me getting a new phone and renewing my contract, talked to 2 different people and got nothing out of them other than i needed to buy a new phone because they wouldn't do anything about the defective phone that wasnt even a year old. was so repulsed by the way they were treating a 14 year costumer that pays over $300 a month for FOUR phone with them, we got off the phone. I went to a store looking for a new phone and got on the phone with sprint again and this time they gave me the option of paying $100 for a downgraded refurbished phone. In this month long escapade of trying to get my phone fixed i was passed on from person to person all giving me different answers, then passed off to Samsung, that said sprint lied to me when they said that my phone would be fixed. I just spent the more than $200 charge it takes to get out of a contract with this disappointing, un-loyal, disorganized company that has communication problems within their own company. Get it together sprint! When the contract is up on the 3 other phone i have with sprint we will not be renewing our contract with sprint for any of them. You just lost four 14 year customers because you cant take accountability for a defective phone, i wasn't even asking for an upgrade and they did nothing. they are a stickler about the contract and taking your money to get out but a warranty means nothing to them.

Offender: Sprint
Country: USA   State: All USA

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