Don't fall for this company's high quotes for your old devices! - iphone 5

On 10/29/2013 I received a shipping box and a quote from CASHFORIPHONES.COM for my iphone5. (which is not even a year old)
The same day the i5 was bought it was put inside an expensive carrying case called the otter box which protects it from damage and what not. I took a lot of pictures of the phone before I shipped it to CASHFORIPHONES.COM because I wanted proof of the excellent condition it was in. (I will post pictures of the i5 that were taken the day I shipped it)
I was quoted $325 on 10/29/2013 and shipped the phone out that very day.
Fast forward to today 11/12/2013 when the company finally got back in touch with me. CASHFORIPHONES.COM had me call a number 1(775) 552-3203 where they kept me on hold for over 20 minutes. Finally after talking to a rep. they said they were prepared to offer me $120 for the phone. Almost 200% LOWER than what they quoted me. I logged back onto their website where they are still offering $260 dollars for my particular model phone. In the mean time I am loosing market value on the phone because of how fast technology moves and the fact that this company has kept it for so long and will not pay people what they are quoting on their web site. Hell, they won%u2019t even pay half of what they quote.
Long story short do not sell any of your devices to I believe is the same company. Even though they offer the largest pay out for your device on the internet, what they offer in reality is FAR FAR less. I would advise you go with a company like which lock in their offer when you choose to sell to them. Even though they may be $40 or $50 less in their quote, you will get an honest deal as opposed to the FAKE quotes given out by CASHFORIPHONES.COM.
Please like, share, and repost this message so CASHFORIPHONES.COM cannot take advantage of people and cost others time, and market value like they have me.
Don%u2019t be fooled like I was.

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