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Cricket Broken Phone - zte phone

I bought a Muve Music Phone for $275 from a Cricket Wireless Dept. Store 6 months ago. This phone has been falling apart. A piece to connect the headphones to has broken on the inside of this phone. I took it back to the department store to see how i could get it fixed and i was informed that it would cost me $50 dollars even though i carry insurance with my service. Also my picture lens is so foggy i cannot send pics to my family and friends. I've seen other older phones from other service providers that still take great pictures. People ask me who do i have service with and i am so embarrassed to say cricket because they know how faulty your products are. Why can't you guys be like other phone service providers and give excellent customer service when there is a problem so you can keep the customer satisfied. I think that you much nerve to show to show internet commercials about how great your plans and services are, but it's just a camouflage to me. There are other phone companies that are asking for me to switch my service with them and i am really considering doing so. I'm an independent contractor and when i need to send a pic or listen to a conversation about business i cannot do it because of these 2 main issues. I WOULD LIKE A NEW PHONE PLEASE, but would you provide this for me? No. I think you guys should try improving your independent company phone models before you distribute them to the public because all you would receive are angry customers that will be changing their service soon just like i am.

Offender: Cricket Wireless
Country: USA   State: All USA

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