Child Protective Services
Apparently having a special needs child with ad/hd and oppositional defiance disorder....means their abused.

Just because I see how many reports there are from cps investigations......Today I got a call from a cps officer stating that she was at my house and I needed to bring my son to her. Let me give you a little son had sever ad/hd and horrible oppositional defiance disorder. He is 4 and is on adderall. everyday his school calls me to come pick him up about an hour after i drop him off because he won't stop crying.

I have every therapy possible in session and I have seen every doctor. I even have an appointment with the county to get him evaluated for a special school where he can get help. I have spent thousands trying to make it better. Back to the original post I tell her I am at work and she will have to do this on her own time. so I agree to bring my kid to a mcdonalds so she can see that I dont abuse him. She talks to him and he tells her nothing because his mind is so scattalogical right now he cant even finish one sentance before he starts the next. She finds nothing other than his v smile which hes playing and a skinned knee from riding is bike.

Then she advises me she has to come to my house to check to see if there is food. ( this is all after I hand her all his reports from the doctors, all the prescriptions, and explain to her he'sa special needs child and that is why he crys all the time.) She also asks me if I spank him and I tell her yes on the but with my hand. ( not illegal in my state....yet).

I haven't met up with her yet to let her into my home, but I am terrified I dont want her digging around my house, and I am just so livid that this is what cps has resorted get lost in their care, abused, and neglected. But they insist on attacking parents who are not abusing their children, and parents who may have autistic, or special needs children who can't control their behavior. I cried all day today, I never thought that I would get into trouble for trying to help my we wait to see if they try to take him.....god knows thats what they always do.

Offender: Child Protective Services
Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Tampa

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