Swift Transportation
Biggest liars ever they say more money, miles, but its all lies. Dm's don't care, only about there own pockets.

Started with Swift in Januray of 2008.

It was very hard with this company but I stuck it out,
I have been driving for a very long time, I've had my CDL
since 1996. So they made go with a mentor which didn't
drive any better than me, but the mentor was a pretty
nice person.

So I did the six weeks of training, if you want to call it that. Got my own truck in about a week which had over 600,000 miles on it. So now im solo, and have to beg for miles. I made more money with the mentor than I did running solo, I would stay out for 3 to 6 weeks.

And the 8 months that i was there was hell no money, no
support from my so called Dm, and every time that I would ask for loads she would tell me when the dispatchers get one they will send it to me on the call com.

The only time, well the ONE time that i made a good pay check was when my DM wasn't there. I'm kind of a easy going person and i have a habit of saying dude to male and females alike. I made the mistake one day of calling my Dm a dude and she freaked. So i got with the terminal manager to try to take care of this problem.

He told me that if i can't stop calling her that that he was going to allow her to call me babe, well i told him that that would be ok. At least then me and my dm would be getting along a little more personally.

And when i ask to be trnsfered to a new dm he refused. While at this company i never refused any loads and all my delievers where on time. This company has some very bad issues to work out and one is that they don't have any respect for there drivers and that they just don't
give a crap. Please if u r looking to go to this company or any other please ask a lot of questions and do your home work before u get burned because most of the bigger companys will burn you and they will not loose any sleep over it. So i had to quit these people and thank god i had family in Florida

The sooner you get away from these guys the better off you will be.

Offender: Swift Transportation
Country: USA   State: Arizona   City: Phoenix
Address: 2200 75th Ave.
Phone: 6239077566

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