Burberry 3 piece set

Caution: My experience with FragranceShop.com

I'm writing about my experience with FragranceShop.com.  

I'm only stating facts: 

I purchased from FragranceShop.com back in January. The item I purchased pictured a 3 piece set with a white carrying case. When my order arrived there was no white carrying case just a cheap plastic box. So, I contacted the company and let them know their advertisement was misleading and that I wanted to return the item. I sent the product back within the 30 day return policy. FragranceShop.com received the return on Feb. 18th it is now Apr. 16th. I was never issued credit for the return. I had to file a dispute with the bank. Then FragranceShop.com submitted false information to the bank claiming they didn’t issue credit to the Mastercard card I used for the purchase. They issued credit to an Amex card ending in 1001. First of all, this was my first purchase with this company. I have never used any other line of credit  with them only my Mastercard. I don’t even own an Amex card. I'm so confused on where they got this information from. I dealt with Natazia the "Customer Service Consultant" at FragranceShop.com. At first, she seemed very helpful but after I tried to explain to her that they issued credit to the wrong card. She cut off all communication with me. Then submitted false information to the bank to avoid issuing credit. The bank reversed the charge in their favor. To reopen the existing dispute I had to provide in writing proper documentation supporting my claim. I also included a copy of the original invoice, tracking information and all my email correspondence with this company. To date I have yet to receive my credit for the return. FragranceShop.com kept the return and my money. Hopefully, the bank reviews my letter and reverses the charge back in my favor. This is so frustrating all I want is my money back. I'm writing this complaint just to warn any potential buyers to BEWARE!!! 

Offender: Burberry 3 piece set
Country: USA   State: New Jersey   City: Piscataway
Site: FragranceShop.com

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