Preferred Merchants lying ripoff tricked us Saint Petersburg

I recieved a call from a man stating that I have been approved for a major credit card with a limit of $3500 to help rebuild my credit. It sounded good so I gave him a shot.

He explained that I would "just" have to pay a one-time $200 fee and my card would arrive in about 4 weeks. I was very skeptical as most people are so I asked him a ton of questions like:

Is this a real credit card that I can use at a real store?
Am I going to get a real card in the mail or a list of credit companies?
Why can't the $200 be charged to the card?
What if I don't have $200?

Well the man made up some pretty good answers to my questions and told me that I can split up the payments. He made up something like they don't charge the fee to the card for my protection so that I wouldn't recieve an activated card in the mail that someone could steal, ect, ect, BS, BS.

Well to make a long story short They charged me $225 for the card and had no records of the drafts. I recieved a card for $2500 instead $3500. It was not a major credit card but some catalog card to purchased a bunch of outdated, garage sale, items.

There are too many complaints on this company. Something needs to be done about this. Unfortunely I came to this site after the damage was done.

Offender: NACS
Country: USA   State: Florida   City: St. Petersburg
Address: P.O. Box 41127

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