Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission
Ripoff voters, condone Judicial misconduct instead of disciplining it corruption

The Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission is suppose to oversee that Judges in the state of Michigan adhere to the Judicial Cannons, ensuring they do not abuse their position, remain honest and ethical and do not allow misconduct in their courts. They ACTUALLY are a good ole boys club that protect their judges from the only form of justice the voter is entitled to.

The judicial system is corrupt. They have made themselves immune to any recourse for their behavior and are allowed to deny people their Constitutional rights. The Tenure Commission is suppose to oversee judges and protect citizens. They do NOT!!

The Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission recieved a complaint against Judge Servaas where there was unquestionable evidence he abused the Cannons they swear to in their oath. This evidence was proven in the court transcripts as well as by witnesses. They chose to close the complaint on Judge Servaas, stating "there is no basis for commencing formal disciplinary proceedings or taking any other action".....even though the evidence and witnesses clearly dispute that.

Our courts are abusing the people and those set up to protect the people are sitting alongside the abusers, giving them a thumbs up. Leaving no recourse for the people.

Help stop these abuses. Look up A Matter of Justice or J.A.I.L for judges on your system. Help restore justice back to our courts!

Offender: Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission
Country: USA   State: Michigan   City: Detroit
Address: 3034 W. Grand Blvd., Suite 8-450

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