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In September 2002, a credit card company contacted me and they told me they would send me a credit card of my choice for a one-time fee of $221.95. At first I was reluctant, but agreed since the company seemed legit. I asked them if I could use my sisters debit information to pay for the fee and they said it was ok. I used my sisters account information and they told me they would take the money out in November.

In November 14th, of 2002, Citibank issues freedom resource $221.95. They then charge my sister an overdraft fee of $30.00. My sister doesnt find out till a week later when she checks her account online. My sister calls Citibank and they tell her the transaction was authorized by her so they allowed the transaction to follow through. At this time, on November 21st, I call freedom resource to cancel the credit card because I had not received the credit card and I was also suspicious of their intentions. They told me they would cancel the credit card and I would be getting a refund if I filled out a form they would send. They told me it would take 30 to 90 days to issue a refund. I am relieved at this and trust that they will send the form. On November 25th, 2002, the company takes out an additional $221.95 from her bank account for no reason. My sister and I did not authorize this. We called Freedom Resource and they assure us they have no record that they took out an additional $221.95. My sister did not have this amount in her account so Citibank issues them another $221. 95 and charges my sister an additional overdraft fee of $30.00. They tell us to fax the Citibank statement over to them, and they will refund the amount debited the very next day. At this point, we didnt have a fax machine so we did not do this. By the time I receive the form, I fill it out promptly and return it to them. . When I call the operator 2 weeks later, December 14th, to find out the status of my refund, she tells me I will receive a refund in March. It is now May 16th, and I have not received a refund. When I call to find out information of my refund, the number says it has been disconnected. Is there anything we can do??

Offender: Freedom Resource
Country: USA   State: Georgia   City: Woodstock
Address: 1025 Rose Creek Drive Suite 620-386
Phone: 6782390133

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