MCI WorldCom
Residential Services ripoff, dishonest, false advertisment,liars,unfair business practices,deceptive

At the end of Febuary I signed up for MCI's Neighborhood program.

At the beginning of March I thought I was connected to the program. When I could not make long distance calls or access my voice mail I contacted MCI.

I got ran around from Customer Service to Priority Customer Service, to High Toll Calling. I've called MCI at least twenty times and I've gotten the same run around each time I call. Nothing has been resolved.

Althought I made only one call to sign up for MCI's Neighborhood Program. 49.99 per month - unlimited long distance, I received two different Account Numbers with extremely high tolls on each account. I have an overseas call on one of those accounts that I did not make.

MCI continues to block my line and voice mail. MCI refuses to unblock it or allow me to contact another phone company (due to the block)until the overseas call in investigated and a bill generated. MCI said that will not happen until next month. My phone will remain blocked until then. I can only dispute this charge once a bill is generated. The High Toll section can see the call but Customer Service won't be able to see it until next month.

It is Customer Service that will take the bogus
all off my phone bill but not until they can see it next month. I don't think the company's computer system is connected. According to their own workers, it takes up to two week for one deparment to see what another department has entered. I was on the phone with Customer Service and High Toll at the same time but nothing was resolved. Although High Toll section was telling Customer Service what the situation was, Customer Service refused to resolve the problem until it appears in their section. In the meanwhile I have little phone use. I need to use my phone now!!! I want to get away from MCI. There is something real wrong with this company. MCI is not very neighborly. Instead of calling its program the Neighborhood, they should just call it THE HOOD. I've been totally beat up.

Offender: MCI WorldCom
Country: USA   State: Iowa   City: Iowa City
Address: MCI WorldCom - Residential Servicer, P O Box 4600
Phone: 3026365657

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