Bobby Lee Noel Robitaille
Ripped off 79 year old mother dead beat son only cares about himself

In 1993 Mary June Robitaille of Westland, MI thought she would do her son, Bobby Lee Noel Robitaille a favor by letting him use her credit cards to pay some pressing bills believing he was between jobs and strapped for money. He soon maxed them out to around $5000 buying such important life needs as a $1700 anniversary ring for his wife, Delores. He also accepted room, board, food and services from his aging mother who survives on income from Social Security.

For 10 years Mary June believe her son had satisfied this debt and paid the creditors in full. NOT!!! To her shock and disbelief, her son had the billing address changed on the account so his mother could not track his spotty payment record. It was brought to her attention this past month, 10 years after the initial debt was incurred that her son was only sending the minimum payment each month and at that rate of payment, would take some 30 years to pay this account in full!!! To top this off, he had not made a payment since December 2002 causing this account to go into collections putting an irreparable mark on her good credit that she worked so hard for so many years to establish.

When I contacted Bobby questioning him about this debt, his response was flip, callous and uncaring. He said he has all kinds of money but chooses not to pay this debt off because he doesn't "owe that woman anything". He is a liar, a deadbeat and a dispicable human being. This has caused undue damage both physical and emotional to his 79 year old mother. His daughters are deadbeats too. Kim (married to Rob) has left a trail of debt in her path as she moves around the country to elude bill collectors.

Please if anyone comes across this person, Bobby Lee Noel Robitaille, birthdate February 11 year unknown, please run for the hills. He is a thief, liar, cheat and has completely alienated his family. If he did this to his own mother, imagine what he would do to you--a strange

Offender: Bobby Lee Noel Robitaille
Country: USA   State: Texas   City: La Grange
Address: Airport Rd.

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