Tiffany Holt
Tiffany Nicole H. She lies about kids daddy and uses you for money

I dated her at one time and not long after she ended up preganant. She let me look a fool by proposing to her and then turned me down after getting my hopes up. I wasted time and money on her even bought clothes and toys for her son. Turns out she claims the baby belongs to her ex. She spent all this time telling me what a peice of shit he was and all the pain he put her through and that she wanted nothing to do with him. Now shes sleeping with him. I was told she had a baby girl and that supposedly its mine.

I cant find an address or number for her. So I warn you, all she cares about is your looks and the size of your wallet. Plus shes got 2 kids, and maybe she knows who the dads are, but most likely she dont. If you see her or start to date her run away. Shes a waste of time and probably a hoe. She will try to put her kids off on you and want you to be a daddy. So unless your crazy stay away. Im sure other guys out there know her so tell your story to.

Offender: Tiffany Holt
Country: USA   State: Texas   City: Arlington
Address: S. Fielder Rd

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