Better Business Bureau - Southeast TX
Better Business Bureau -Southeast TX does not follow there own procedures - or did not when I filed a complaint, ripoff deception to consumers

Better Business Bureau Staff- If you are listening:

My name is Kathy Cormier-and I have filed a complaint with you about 1994-against the workout studio. Not only did you not follow your own procedures-You were the first agency I complained too, and you covered up for something that has grown way out of proportion. Your cover-up for this business has started a chain reaction.

Your procedures claim that an unsatisfied customer can file a complaint against a company. YOUR INSTRUCTIONS claim that the business owner must reply or they will not have a good reputation. Not only did Billy Lee not reply-you did not even tell me he refused to respond. My complaint was totally ignored. I found out when I called to check on the reputation of the Workout studio, and the recording said this business has no complaints. I filed a complaint, the owner did not respond- you did not tell me. When I called to talk to the director-he said he could not just put any complaint in there.

At first Workout Studio owner, Billy Lee, said I could use the aerobics room to practice dance in, then suddenly he changed his mind-even hanging up on me when I called him. Then I confronted him, and he said it was cause of insurance. Since someone who is not even a member can walk into the club and sue for tripping over a dumbbell on the floor-that was not legitimate.

World Gym opened up, and I made arrangements with the owner-that I could use the aerobics room to practice dance in. THIS IS WHERE I FOUND OUT IT WAS THE AEROBIC INSTRUCTORS CAUSING THE PROBLEMS-and they were the last ones I ever expected. This problem followed me from one fitness center to the other one.

One day the receptionist told me that the aerobic instructors said I could not use the room cause I was going to get hurt and sue-then I realize where this ridiculous excuse came from-NOW I REALLY HAVE REASON TO SUE. The owner said I could use it just as in our original agreement. NEXT EXCUSE- the aerobic instructors said the buttons were getting messed up on the stereo. Didn't work-I was still allowed to use it. NEXT EXCUSE Alyce said I was interrupting her classes-but the computer said I was in there at 7:00 am and left at 8:00 am. The class started at 9:00am. Then the owner Jody Nolan said the aerobic instructors feel like I am a threat to them. NEXT EXCUSE supposedly there were major vandalism done to the stereo in the aerobics room-but they refused to get a police report. Jody always ran from any problems I had with the aerobic instructors-he did everything to ignore it.

I joined this hell pit in 1995 and in 1997 I get written a warning ticket by a fake cop. The owner of World Gym's reaction was unusual when I told him of this impersonating cop. The MOTIVE behind this cop was to find out when and where I had any dance auditions/shows in Houston. And if the DPS Rangers report says any different it is not the facts. When I started going to Houston for Private gymnastic classes-I started getting stupid phone calls from World Gym for stupid reasons, I paged the manager-when I did not even have his pager, at work they called me and said I should be talking on a sex line-*69 let me know where this came from, too many to mention. Anyway, they used a cop figure because everyone trusts a cop and feels compelled to tell him specific details-everyone thinks of law enforcement as problem solvers and the average person does not know WHAT information is valuable to the cops-so we tend to tell them everything we can think of. THAT IS THE MOTIVE FOR USING A COP.

Anyway-on Good Friday, I decided to leave the gym for good, because of continuous harassment and an argument with Alyce Alter. THEN THE REAL HARRASSMENT BEGAN-AND IT IS GROWING EVERY DAY.

I want to you to get the message that this probably could have had an end put to it if you, and the government agents in Beaumont TX would have not tried to ignore this problem.


plano, Texas

Offender: Better Business Bureau - Southeast TX
Country: USA   State: Texas   City: Beaumont
Address: P.o. Box 2988
Phone: 4098355348

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