Steven Rineer Builder Inc
Steven Rineer Builder Deadbeat contractor ripped off a volunteer fire company, and screwed others too!

The Rawlinsville Volunteer Fire Company in Rawlinsville, PA hired Steven Rineer Builder (SRB) as their general contractor to oversee the construction of their new building. A contract valued at $669,000.

Construction began in July of 2000, and was finished early the next spring. The fire company paid SRB in full and the fire company as all set to move into their new building.

Then the subcontractors started calling and sending letters stating that SRB owed them money. Turns out that SRB failed to pay his subs and then defuncted his business, claimed bankruptcy, and left the fire company with stacks of Mechanic's Leins filed against them!

He owes one building material company almost $300,00 for this and, I am sure other jobs he did.

Well, good old SRB didn't pay most of his subs and stiffed alot of people for lots of money. Thanks to him the fire company, a NON-PROFIT, VOLUNTEER organization had to send an additional $50,000 or so in legal fees to finally bring close to all the litigation brought against them.

Then to put the icing on the cake, his son, Daryl suddenly buys a farm in his name and his mother's (Steven's wife) name for guess how much? $670,000. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not!

Steven and his wife, lied in court, lied to the fire company, and failed to pay the small business owning, workingman what they are due!

Bottom line...This guy is an unscrupulous, deadbeat that may have made hundreds of thousands of dollars from the fire company and his subcontractors. He refuses to answer the door or the phone for comment or for official services or writs, and other legal proceedings.

Steven Rineer, you are putz, a liar, a thief, and shame on you for ripping off a bunch of fireman!!!!!!

Offender: Steven Rineer Builder Inc
Country: USA   State: Pennsylvania   City: Pequea
Address: 499 Frogtown Road

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