Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Nasty abused & mistreated family and prisoners Phoenix

I went to visit a friend that was in this jail.
You would think that I was the one that did something wrong. They were very nasty to all the people that were there to visit. All the information that they would give you is take a number and have a seat till I call your number. This was after I had waited in line for 20 minutes to talk to someone on what to do. They were very rude.

The next time that I went to visit they had closed all the visitation. No one could visit. You could not even put any money on the books for someone. One of the guards come to the window and told everyone to leave and to get out of the office that there was not going to be any visitation today. One lady went it to see if she could get any information and the officer ask her if she could read. The sign said that there was no visitation but DID NOT say anything about you could not leave money. She had just driven down from Showlow.

I had called to see if there was visitation on that day and the message said that there was no visitation till 3. So I drove down. I came all the way from Page.That is a 6 hour drive just to be told that I can not visit. I think that their system sucks.
How can people be so hatefull.

I have that the Mesa and Chandler PD are the same. I am glad that I got out of there. I have known people that have told me that they would rather go to Prison than to be in that jail. I would not even treat my dog the way that these people are being treated. I would not even feed my dog the green bologna that they are being fed.

My Question is why does Arpaio keep getting re-elected???????

Offender: Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Country: USA   State: Arizona   City: Phoeniz
Address: 2939 W. Durango
Phone: 6022560322

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