Instashred Calshred Inc.
We decided not to use their services Company owner Nancy Arakelian made racist and harassing phone calls to my offce. abused & mistreated, filed police report.

The company that I work for was looking for someone to handle our recycling. Contacted Calshred in Irvine, Ca to engage their services. Company requested a letter indicating that we would agree to their rate of $35/month to handle all recycling and shredding. Rate was extremely reasonable and I agreed. Letter agreeing to their price and services faxed on 5/2/03. Owner, Nancy Arakelian, said first fax did not come thru.

Sent fax again on 5/3/03. Owner again claimed fax was illegible. I called and told her that this was a simple contract. We would mail the letter. I explained that I did not have the time to waste faxing and calling her to try to engage her services. She called me and told me she had a very bad day, 2 of her drivers had quit so she was unable to take us on as a client.

I said, fine, thank you and terminated the call. She then made repeated calls to the office going off on our receptionist, requesting to speak with the president of the company. Finally I picked up one of the calls, she started making threats to me, I was unable to speak or get a word in edgewise and she finally called me a F--K--g Jew. At that point I terminated the call and sent her an email requesting that all phone calls and emails cease and desist. Ms. Arakelian proceeded to continue to make threatening and harassing calls to our company at which time I called the police.

When the police arrived, Officer R.Ramillano then took the call. Ms. Arakelian proceeded to then identify herself as someone else and told the officer that she was trying to recommend a recycling company for us. When the officer then asked who he was speaking to and what company she represented, she hung up on him. The officer then called the company asking for Ms. Arakelian.

Ms Arakelian answered the phone and when the officer identified himself, she pretended to be ms. arakelian's assistant, then after a pause of about a minute then she came back on the phone and proceeded to go off on the officer. The officer,listened, attempted to get a word in, (very difficult), finally ended the call requesting that she and her company make no futher contact with my company.

The officer then took a complaint from me in the event she continued to call.

Offender: Instashred Calshred Inc.
Country: USA   State: California   City: Irvine
Address: 2021 Business Center Drive
Phone: 9492521701

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