Veteran's Administration
Veteran's Affairs Concealed Fraud ripoff liars victimized us

Last year,I notified VA to let them know,that we had refused to continued to make payment on property that we didn't owned.

I told Ms caroline Anderson that we had disccovered fraud.The house we thought we had purchased did not belonged to us.

The seller was listed as being as being Homeowners Funding.

We did a little research and found out that Homeowners wasn't the seller.The hidden seller was an employee of First Union Mortagage. She was the originator for this loan.I told her that the house was not ours because the house was not sold. The land was also fraud.

Ms Anderson told me,that I needed to send her these documents so that she could look over to see if fraud was involved.I sent the documents to her.I gave her a couple of weeks to look thing over.I called her and she told me that I was right , that we didn't owned the property and that she was going to turn it over to their inspector general.

Oneday, I decided to call and check the status of the complaint I spoke with ms Anderson's assistance and she sad'that ms Anderson was being transferred and that she had transferred my complaint to Marion .She transferred my call to him.

I asked him if the complaint had gone to the inspector general, he said no but hee was going to turn it over to them, because not only was there fraud but what those people had done was also criminal.

A few month later,I saw that VA purchased and foreclosed on the home.This was devasting to us because they lied to us.They purchsed real property that they know we didn't own legally This has ruined our credit.

The person that purchased the property doesn't know that the property is not hers.How could VA stoop so low.They purchased the property to concealed the fraud'becaus they didn't do their job. The home was never inspected;nor did they go over the paperwork, because if they had the loan would never had closed because they were too much decrepancies.

I am trying to contact the person that purchased this property to her know that she too is a victim.

Homeowner Funding your company is also victim to this fraud. Your indenity was used to concealed this fraud.

I will not stop fighting, until I get satisfaction because this is wrong. How long will American be victims to fraud.

This will always affect our credit.I dont see why we shouldd be held accountable for something we didn't own.

Our elected officials dont care about us "falling victim to fraud" I have sent letters to them,however;they came back with replies that say sorry you need to direct this matter to the company.

This situation is like that of a person being sent to prison for a crime he didn't commit, and he can't prove his innocent.

I can't give DNA to prove that we didn't made this purchase, but I have factual document to prove that fraud was committed against us.

Offender: Veteran's Administration
Country: USA   State: Georgia   City: Decatur
Address: 1700 Clairmont Ave

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