Discount Consumer Rewards

On June 3rd of this year, 3.88 was taken out of my checking account for a $100.00 voucher that I was suppose to get and never received. I called the company on June 10th to find out what was going on. When I called I was placed on hold for a good while. So I hung up. When I called on the 11th of June, I spoke to a fellow who put me on hold again. I called again that Wednesday and spoke to a "Shalonda." I told "Shalonda" that I was still waiting on the voucher that I was promised. The first time she gave me a number to call about this and the lady I spoke to said that they don't give out 100 dollar vouchers for Walmart or Target. I then told her what was going on and she still said that they don't give out $100.00 vouchers. I said OK and hung up. When I called again it was June 13 and spoke to "Shalonda" again. I told her that I was still waiting on the voucher. She asked for my name and phone number that was on my account. She said that she was going to resend my voucher out again and gave her the address to send the voucher. This time I was suppose to wait 5 to 7 days. Still no voucher. I called again on July 8 and spoke to a fellow by the name of Renaldo. Renaldo claimed that he couldn't find my account! What??? I told him that the 3.88 was taken out of my account for this and now you can't find my account? "Renaldo" then put me on hold and then the phone went dead. I called right back and who answers the phone? "Shalonda!" Shalonda also told me that they couldn't find my account. She asked for my name and number and acted like she was looking up the information on the computer. Wait, What? When I called before and spoke to "Shalonda" she was suppose to be resending this voucher and now she can't find my account!!??? I asked her then what can we do about this to which she claimed that they can't find my account so in other words no money back either. I was told to call back in an hour so that they could find my account. I called back some hours later and this time spoke to a "Sanetta." "Sanetta" sounded a lot like "Shalonda" and I believe are the same. They sound too much alot. You can't mistake the voice. Sanetta claimed that they still can't find my account. I was beyond mad then and said, "Ok, I've been waiting for weeks for this voucher and it still isn't here. Now you're telling me you can't find my account!" "Sanetta" then says, "I understand but we can't find your account!" I was tired of hearing the lies and just told "Sanetta" that I was good and that I was going to talk to a legal representative about this and let her know that I don't appreciate being played out of my money. As I was hanging up the phone she was still saying, "I understand how you feel".
Not only am I not going to get this voucher but I see that this company has been pulling this garbage for a while. I went on this website called 800notes and put in their number and found that they use different telephone numbers and the company name is questionable. Also, when I paid for this voucher I was told about their "Welcoming"package which consist of different programs to try out on a trial basis. The one I got called 24/7 charged me 19.99 for their services that I never got to use. This was suppose to been here before June 8th which it didn't. It showed up two weeks later! The names that this company uses are: Discount Consumer Rewards, Consumer Prize Patrol, Quality Magazines and Discounts Rewards Prize Dept. The numbers that they use are: 215-383-3419,773-897-5525,845-867-1986,877-801-8169,954-278-3394 and 314-627-2939. The main number is 1-888-471--8647.

Country: USA   State: All USA
Phone: 8884718647,2153833419,7738975525,8458671986,8778018169,9542783394,3146272939

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