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Hello there! I was supposed to be a participant in last Saturday's Tough Mudder event that took place in Michigan at the Michigan International Speedway. I signed up for the race back in February and ended up fracturing my knee from pushing myself too hard with my training. After a series of doctor's appointments I had come to find out that at the age of 30 I have what is called early onset osteoporosis. In checking out the tough mudder website I saw that they would not issue a refund for the race (unless you're an active military member), and that you cannot transfer your registration towards anyone else (which most other races will allow you to do), and that my only option would be to sign up for this event at another location. The tough mudder race was extremely expensive ($165), and I've been fighting with them about offering a refund. I work in customer service, so I know that there are always exceptions to the rules. I was also willing to fax over my doctor's reports, a copy of my MRI and bone density scan if needed. And yet, still nothing. I could not find a customer service phone number for the organization itself, which is very frustrating in itself! The only way to get through to their customer service team is via email! And they don't even email back in a timely fashion. When I had asked them for a phone number to contact them because I had felt more comfortable talking to someone over the phone, my email then went unanswered. I have now sent numerous emails and even called the customer service phone number for their retail line to see if they could help me out at all (in which they said the only way they knew of getting hold of customer service for the race was via submitting an email via their website). In one email I had even threatened to contact the Better Business Bureau or even a lawyer. And yet my email still went unanswered. Any help that you or your staff could lend would be very greatly appreciated! It's just the principle that I could not physically run the race, yet still had to pay for it. I didn't ask to get hurt, and I just don't think it's right. Not to mention that should I need surgery and physical therapy, there is no possible way for me to transfer my registration to another tough mudder event. In combination with the fact that it wouldn't be practical financially (I would have to book a hotel as well as a flight). Thank you for your time and consideration!

Lindsay A. Pierce
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This is a copy of my last email that I had submitted to Tough Mudder via there website that yet again was left unanswered:
To whom this may concern,
In training for tough mudder for the last four months, I recently injured my knee. Per my doctor's orders I cannot participate in tough mudder. I am very upset about it because I was really looking forward to this event. I cannot transfer my registration to another event due to the fact that I will need surgery on my knee (plus recovery time not to mention physical therapy). Not only that, but it wouldn't be practical for me to register in another state as I'd have to pay for a flight and a hotel, which isn't the least bit financially practical. After performing an MRI for my knee, the doctor's were concerned about what they saw and ordered a bone density scan. I have what is called early onset osteoporosis. Because of this, I am not to put any physical strain on my running, jogging, extensive cardio, etc.... So holding my registration until 2014 won't do me any good either. I have offered to send doctor's notes, a scan of my MRI on my knee. I am literally knee deep in medical bills due to my training for this event. All that I'm asking for is a refund. On your website it states that you offer refunds for active military members. But you're unwilling to offer a refund to someone that hurt themself training for this event? I just don't get it. You obviously have the option to perform a refund, you just won't. I work in customer service myself, and I know that there is always an exception you can make to the rules. All I'm asking for is for you to make an exception. Not to transfer to another event or hold my registration for another year. With my physical ailments, there is no way either one of those is even an option. I expect to get a refund or at least talk to someone over the phone about this matter. I hope that you can put yourself in my shoes and see where I'm coming from. I paid $165 for a race that I'm not even capable of running in. And you're just going to tell me, well tough luck? I don't think that's fair. I didn't ask to get injured. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Lindsay A. Pierce

Country: USA   State: All USA

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