unauthorized charge

I was traveling back home this spring which is a 17 hour drive, half way there we were getting tired so I used my phone to search priceline for a hotel. My phone kept loosing signal so was unable to book a room so we just went to a place and checked in and out no problem paid with my debit card again no problem. Few weeks later I get a credit card bill (first red flag seeing it should have a balance of 0) there is a charge for a hotel reservation from priceline. first thought is someone has gotten ahold of my card and used it. Then realized it was the same day I did stay and the same hotel I looked into it further priceline had my card number on file from a previous purchase and charged my card. Called the Hotel because I thought I was double charge but they had no record of me ever having a reservation through priceline at the hotel nor that credit card number. So I called priceline twice and was told both times that a refund can not be made and there is nothing I can do. So now I have my credit card company investigating it. I did not authorize this charge or them to keep my card number on file. This was an illegal act if you ask me. People don't use this company.

Country: USA   State: All USA

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